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Wutaishan Travel Season Tips

Wutaishan is located in Shanxi Province, which is classed as a continental climatic region. Shanxi has distinct four seasons. The features of weather in Shanxi are: chilly winter (December, January and February) with dry weather; windy spring (March, April and May) with large temperature between day and night; hot summer (June, July and August) with rainy weather; and mild autumn (September, October and November). If travelers visit Wutaishan during spring, you need to bring sunglasses and hats to protect yourselves from blowing sand. The period from June to August is the rainy period, and the rainfall during these months takes 60% annual rainfall in Shanxi Province.

Generally speaking, from May to October yearly is the best travel season for tourists to visit Wutaishan. To be more specific, the best time happens to May, June, September and October. The weather and activities during the best season are nice and abundant enough for travel. Climbing can be arranged during autumn tour. Standing on the peak of Mt. Wutai, you can look out at tier upon tier of mountains and spectacular rock groups.

Spring in Wutaishan is a nice time to feel the rapidly increased temperature; however, usually spring comes with heavy wind and strong sunlight. The heavy wind would blow up the black dust (coal), so if you come to Wutaishan in spring or autumn, you’d better wear sunglasses, sun block and a sunhat. Besides, if you wear contact lenses should be very careful with the wind.

The summer in Wutaishan is hot, rainy and humid. The average temperature is about 23 °C and the mean rainfall is 250-280 millimeters, mainly concentrated in late July and August.

The temperature in autumn (September to November) falls quickly and the average is 8 °C-10 °C. The fair weather in this season makes it the best season for traveling. Winter, averaging a temperature of -7°C, is always cold and dry. Warm clothes should be prepared.

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