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Wutaishan Travel Overview

The gorgeous mountainous, monastic enclave of Wutaishan is Buddhism’s sacred northern range and the earthly abode of Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. As the most holy land of Chinese Buddhism, Wutaishan lies in Wutai County in Xinzhou Region, Shanxi Province. It is rated on both the list of the first group of national scenic spots designated by the State Council, and the list of the Top 10 scenic spots in Shanxi Province. It is as famous as Mt.Emei in Sichuan Province, Mt.Putuo in Zhejiang Province, and Mt.J...
  • How to Arrange Your Wutaishan Trip
  • Wutaishan Travel Season Tips
    Wutaishan is located in Shanxi Province, which is classed as a continental climatic region. Shanxi has distinct four seasons. The features of weather in Shanxi are: chilly winter (December, January and February) with dry weather; windy spring (March...
  • Transportation
    Airport There is no direct plane from major cities in China to Wutaishan. However, to save time, you may try flying to Taiyuan, the provincial capital and then take a bus to Taihuai, the central village in this Buddhist Mountain. Taiyuan Wusu Inte...
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    What to buy Wutai Mushroom Wutai mushroom, or Tai Mo, is one of the most popular and fine quality Mt. Wutai special local products. Tai is Mt. Wutai for short and Mo is mushroom in Chinese for short. The mushroom is tasty and nutritious with fine ...
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