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  •  Wuyi Danxia Landforms Tours
    Mount Huangshan & Wuyi Danxia Landforms Exploration - 5 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Wuyishan - Shanghai This tour will invites you to explore two spectacular mountains in China, Mount Huangshan and Mount Wuyi. Firstly, you will be inspired by the unearthly views of Mount Huangshan and the world heritage village of Hongcun. Afterwards, put yourself into the magnificent gorges in Wuyi Mountain, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  • Wuyi Mountain
    Fujian Tulou & Wuyi Mountain Discovery Tour - 6 Days Xiamen - Yongding - Xiamen - Wuyishan In this 6-day tour of World Heritage Sites, you will marvel at the Tulou clusters in Nanjing and Yongding, and explore the astonishing Wuyi Mountains, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  • Tea Plantation
    Photographic Fujian plus Tea Plantation Theme Tour - 10 Days Shanghai - Xiamen Join us as we explore the charming Fujian, where tea was exported from in Qing dynasty hundreds of years ago. Pick tea leaves and sip the finest tea on earth. Experience the local tea culture and take bravo pictures of the Hakka Tulou Villages! Details
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