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Baisha Murals

Why is Baisha Murals Special?

The Baisha Murals are world-famous fresco with rich colors. It mixed the stories of Buddhism, Taoism and Lamaism into one picture. The bold and creative way is incredible and could not be imagined in other religious paintings in China.


Baisha Murals Highlights

Baisha murals are mostly from the Ming Dynasty. Dominated by black, silver, gold and red colors, they mostly depict religious stories with vivid images. There are trigrams, lotus flowers and even Sanskrit inscriptions on the ceiling. These frescoes are not only crucial to the history of Chinese painting, but also important cultural heritage relics.


The portraits in these paintings also include ordinary people like farmers, tourists and criminals. They are good evidences show the superb artistry, outstanding creativity and rich imaginations of the craftsmen. Among the 55 existing murals, the largest one is at the Dabaoji Hall.


Baisha village

Baisha Murals were kept and displayed in some ancient buildings around Baisha village. The village was the earliest political and spiritual center of Naxi ethnic minority. Being the historical capital of the Naxi kingdom in the history, it is still a good place to have a glance at the Naxi culture.

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