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Flaming Mountains

Featuring astonishing, fiery and odd landscape, a 100km red sandstone ridge about 500m high along with its surrounding mountains has been named as the Flaming Mountains. Although not all the Chinese have been there, however, most of them have known this place since childhoods for writer Wu Cheng’en’s masterpiece – now a children fable – Journey to the West where a legendary battle took place between monks and an enchantress.


Just as Mr. Wu had written, Flaming Mountains area is one of the hottest regions in China. During summertime, temperature of ground surface can reach up to 80℃ while the heat waves from desert dance along the flaming ridge, and if one is lucky enough, he or she could see some rare mirage sceneries rise on those parallel gullies. The heat and terrain make the mountains look just like a wall of flames especially when sunset begins to dye the sky to red which is quite amazing to see.


The Flaming Mountains scenic spot is also famous for being a wonderful roadside. If you are driving along Road G312 which follows the red ridge from east to west, you may stop at anywhere you like to stroll around or take photographs of the splendid Western Chinese landscape in your eyes. The quiet but outstanding rocks will make you think that you are in a wonderland.


Location: 30km east of Turpan City

Ticket Price:¥40

Opening Time:

From Apr 21 to Oct 20: 08:00-21:00

From Oct 21 to Apr 20: 10:00-18:30

Telephone: 0995-8696015

How to go: You could take long-distance coach at Turpan Region Bus Terminal to get there. The travel time is about 30 minutes.

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