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Tianjin Shopping Tips

What to buy


Tianjin is a prosperous city with various commercial streets and numerous trade locations. There are special products could be purchased in the city. Also you can buy the best tea from many authentic Chinese tea houses in Tianjin, or Ceramic Figurines.


Ni Ren Zhang

Ni Ren Zhang has long been a well known folk art at home and abroad. It was first initiated by Zhang Mingshan in late Qing Dynasty. His clay figurines were very vivid and expressive, and were soon well known in the surrounding area. Zhang inherited the legacy of traditional Chinese clay figurine making skills and also incorporated skills from other art forms such as painting, opera singing and Chinese folk wood engravings. Clay figurines created by Zhang Mingshan include both celebrates and villains, and they are full of appeal.


Yangliuqing New Year Pictures

Yangliuqing New Year Pictures is a very famous traditional new-year picture in North China. It had originated during the reign of Emperor Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty. With a long history and distinctive local flavor, the pictures have been developing into one of the best new-year pictures in China. Festivity and auspiciousness are always the main themes of Yangliuqing New Year Pictures. Yangliuqing New Year Pictures combine delineation, woodcarving, overprinting, color painting and mounting techniques, and featuring an exquisite touch, smooth lines, elaborate techniques, lifelike color paintings and a vivid luster, especially the color paintings of human faces, which are fine, bright and true to life.


Where to buy


Shenyang Dao Antique Market

Being the biggest antique market in China, Shenyang Dao Antique Market is filled with all kinds of shops selling porcelains, paintings, gold, silver, copper, jade articles, and so on.


Tianjin Heping traditional commercial street

It has already taken shape before the founding of new China. Its long history has provided the street with oceans of shops and comprehensive goods. There stand three famous major shopping centers of Tianjin, namely Tianjin Quangye Center, Hualian Business Building, Tianjin Department Store.


Binjiang Shopping Center

Binjiang Road Business Street is one of the busiest and most prosperous shopping centers in this city. Now along this street stand not only a dozen of old brand, like Quangye Center, Zhongyuan Company, Daoxiang Food Store, Hendry Watch Store, Guangming Theater and Deng Ying Restaurant, but also a number of new shopping malls. So it is not only a shopping mall, but also contains great viewing value. It is a must go place when you travel to this beautiful city.

Location: No. 29, Kaifeng Rd., Heping District

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