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  • Lu Cuisine
    Lu Cuisine, One of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking Lu cuisine, also referred to as Shangdong cuisine, is one of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking featuring freshness of materials and salt flavor. It is derived from the traditional and historical cooking methods of Shandong, an East China’s coastal province. Lu cuisine is considered the most inf... Read more>>
  • Yue Cuisine
    Yue Cuisine, One of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking Yue Cuisine, also known as Cantonese cuisine, originates from Guangdong Province in South China and is known as one of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking. Yue cuisine features a wide variety of materials, carefully chosen seasonings, and elaborate techniques and refined tastes. It enjoys extremel... Read more>>
  • Sichuan Cuisine
    Sichuan Cuisine, One of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking Represented by the local dishes of Chengdu and Chongqing, Sichuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating in the Sichuan Province of southwestern China. As one of China's Four Major Styles of Cooking, Sichuan cuisine features spicy, tongue-numbing, savory, delicious, oily and heavily seas... Read more>>
  • Puer Tea
    Pu’er Tea, the Drinkable Antique Pu’er or Pu-erh Tea is a kind of dark tea found mainly in China’s Yunnan Province. There are many types of dark teas in other provinces of China. Those produced in Yunnan Province are generally called Pu'er, referring to the name of Pu'er County which used to be an important stop of the "Tea-hors... Read more>>
  • Tofu
    Tofu, a Healthy Traditional Food in China Coagulated from an extract of soybeans, Tofu or bean curd is a traditional Chinese food known all over the world. There are many different varieties of tofu and tofu cuisine in China. In addition, tofu is also known as a healthy food for old and young. History Tofu is thought to have originated... Read more>>
  • Peking Roast Duck
    Peking Roast Duck, China’s National Food Peking Roast Duck is a well-known duck dish in Beijing that has been considered one of the most delicious dishes all over the world. The dish originated in the Yuan Dynasty and now has become the cultural symbol of traditional Chinese food. Most visitors coming to Beijing will not miss the chance t... Read more>>
  • Hairy Crab
    Hairy Crab, Popular Autumn Food in China Autumn is the best time to tour China as well as the peak season for an unmissable Chinese delicacy: the hairy crab. The hairy crab, scientifically called Chinese Mitten Crab, is known as one sort of the freshwater crab in China. It boasts the largest output as well as the most delicious taste in t... Read more>>
  • Mooncake
    Mooncake, Traditional Delicacy for Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake, a traditional bakery product eaten during Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, is considered as the symbol of family reunion and represents the round harvest moon. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people will do lunar worship and moon watching, as well as enjoy the traditional delicacy of ... Read more>>
  • Chinese Tea Sets
    Chinese Tea Sets With its long and complex history, Chinese tea culture has evolved its own unique cultural characteristics. And traditional Chinese tea sets play a significant role in the forming of Chinese tea culture. Different equipment and tools may be used in Chinese tea service. Components of Chinese Tea S... Read more>>
  • Beijing Snack - Tanghulu
    Beijing Winter Snack - Tanghulu Tanghulu is a traditional winter snack in Beijing. Being bright red in color with sweet-and-sour taste, it is a much-loved traditional confection by both young and old people. Tanghulu typically has a hardened sugar coating that comes from dipping the skewer in sugar syrup, but versions can also b... Read more>>
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