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  • Shanxi noodles
    Wheaten Food of Shanxi, Art of Flour Dough Shanxi has a recorded history of more than 2000 years in making wheat-flour food, due to bumper wheat harvest and rich cultivation experience, thus Shanxi ranks first in flour foods in China. Shanxi province boasts nearly 1,000 kinds of flour foods made with a wide variety of materials. Located o... Read more>>
  • Yellow Wine
    Yellow Wine, a Taste of Culture in Goblet Huiquan Wine Four famous wines in ancient China were Wuxi Huiquan Wine, a wine made from Huishan Mountain’s spring water; Shaoxing Jiafan Wine; Danyang Fenggang Wine, a wine brewed in an airtight crock; and Fujian Chengang Wine. As a model of ripe wine produced in Jiangsu province, Huiquan Win... Read more>>
  • yellow wine
    Shaoxing Wine, the Representative of Yellow Wine As one of the three most famous brewed wines in the world, Yellow wine is made from rice and husked millet, containing 14 percent to 20 percent alcohol. Highly original, yellow wine brewing techniques are regarded as the model of the wine-brewing industry in Asia. Wheat-yeast rice wine is represe... Read more>>
  • Cantonese soup
    Cantonese Soup, Reflection of Canton Culture and History As an indispensable part of the Cantonese dining table, the culture of soup is deeply rooted in Cantonese lives. A popular saying goes like this: The Cantonese would rather drink soup than eat rice. From which we can gain a glimpse of how important soup is in the heart of the Cantonese. Drinking ... Read more>>
  • Flower cuisines
    Flower Cuisines, Quintessence of Chinese Food Culture Flower cuisines have existed for 2,000 years in China. The petals of colorful and fragrant flowers are used to cook flower cuisines. By candying, salting, boiling, sautéing, making desserts or soup, flower cuisines not only taste crispy, fragrant and bland, but also are very nutritious. Moreover, ... Read more>>
  • flowery flour buns
    Flowery Flour Buns, Traditional Craftsmanship in Steamed Buns As a kind of flower shaped steamed bun, flowery flour buns is also called Huamo or Mianhua, popular in North China provinces. It is made with flour. Fermented flour is kneaded into various shapes such as animals, fruits and flowers, and then steamed and finally colored. The shape of flowery flour b... Read more>>
  • Chinese Dates
    Chinese Dates, Natural Vitamin-packed Fruit Chinese dates are known as red dates, or hongzao in Chinese. It is a native Southeast Asian fruit that has long been heralded as a super food. Chinese dates have been making appearances on traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and in local kitchens to decorate buns, porridge, soup or desert as... Read more>>
  • Zongzi
    Zongzi, Traditional Snack for Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi or rice dumplings, is a traditional Chinese food always eaten on the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves, they are cooked by steaming or boiling. The Origin of Zongzi Z... Read more>>
  • Chinese Steamed Bread
    Steamed Bread in China Most Westerners think that the Chinese people are rice-eaters, while this is true in the south of China, most northerners prefer food made of wheat flour, and mantou is the most popular form of such food. It is a form of bread with no filling insidet hat is cooked by steaming. Besides, there is ano... Read more>>
  • Xinjiang Fruits
    Tempting Fruits in Xinjiang Xinjiang has always been famed as the kingdom of fruits. The fruits produced in Xinjiang are of the top quality in China. The various preserved and fresh fruits, nuts and the deep processed fruit products have been laid> Located> Featured Fruits Grapes As far as Xinjiang fruits are mentione... Read more>>
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