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Ci Qi Kou Ancient Village

Why is Ancient Village of Ci Qi Kou special?


It is often said that a visit to China is a cultural experience. This is truer when you visit a place such as Ci Qi Kou where you will find the local residents dedicated to their traditional way of life. It reflects an impression of what Chongqing would have been like in the distant past. In 1998, the State Council listed Ci Qi Kou as a protected cultural site.


Ancient Village of Ci Qi Kou Highlights


Historical Architecture


The majority of the houses date from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, periods during which many masterpieces of Chinese architecture were created. Much of the two and three storey construction is of bamboo and timber. Blue bricks and pillars set off the snow-white walls, which contrast in turn with vermilion doors and lattice windows. Black tablets and lanterns adorn the gates to complete the authentic and traditional appearance of the properties.




Surprisingly, there are more than a hundred teahouses each with their own particular characteristics. Chongqingers enjoy a chat or meet to discuss business. Therefore, the teahouses offer the opportunity for you to meet the locals and become acquainted with the unique folk opera like Sichuan Opera.

It is also the real place for tasting local three famous dishes which include Maoxiewang (spicy duck blood), Qianzhangpi (bean curd sheets), and Yanju Peanuts (salted peanuts). All these are very highly recommended. You will not be disappointed and will soon come to realize why they are so popular.

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