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Chongqing Travel Season Tips

Chongqing is known as one of the "three furnaces of the Yangtze River Delta” since the weather is extremely hot in summer. It is also called a foggy city. Late fall to early spring is the fog season. The average low temperature in winter is about 6 °C while the average high temperature in summer is about 31 °C.


Autumn from October to November is generally pleasant and cool and it is the best time to visit Chongqing. Taking Yangtze River cruise is recommended in May, September and October since you could enjoy the splendid landscape of the Three Gorges.


Spring comes from March to May with sharp and frequent intervals of temperature changes. Foggy days come frequently in spring. Summer is long and hot from June to September. Summer in Chongqing features hot and humid with a lot of rainfall. The highest temperature could reach up to 44 °C in July and August and the city resembles a steam bath. Winter falls from December to next February. The weather is mild and gloomy with seldom snows. Thick coat or cotton-padded coat, sweater and thick jeans are suitable to cope with the weather.

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