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Xidi Village - Home in Wonderland

In Xidi Village, 124 well-preserved dwelling houses and 3 clan temples dating back to the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. A glorious memorial archway in honor of Hu Wenguang, a native who was a prefectural governor in Ming Dynasty, stands still in front of the village. As a cultural site, Xidi Village was added to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000.


The houses in Xidi Village are abundant in wood carvings, brick carvings and so on, reflecting sound local culture and customs. Many titles have been granted on the village, such as "the Land of Peach Blossom", "Home in Wonderland" for its beauty and tranquility and also "a treasure house of ancient resident architecture" since it is well preserved since Ming and Qing dynasties.


Xidi is located 8km east of Yi County, 40 km away from Huangshan Mountain and has a history of over 900 years. Visitors wandering through Xidi Village will find the traditional Hui-style houses, ancestral temples, stone archways, beautifully paned windows, stone slab bridges and academies of classical learning. These are all over centuries old and the still dwelling residents make Xidi Village an open-air museum.


Here you can enjoy the Lingyun Pavilon, the Cishi (an official title in ancient time of China) House, the Ruiyu Pavilon, the Taoli Garden, the East Garden, the West Garden, the Daifu(an official title in ancient time of China) House, the Jing'ai Hall, the Lvfu Hall, the Qingyun House, the Yinfu Hall and some other scenic spots. In addition, beautiful and imposing folk houses and exquisite gardens are worth visiting.


It seems that Xidi Village looks like a fairy tale, still surviving and keeping the original features after hundreds of years. With clear streams flowing through the village and ponds scattered anywhere, and paddy fields around it, Xidi looks too picturesque to be believed true. Since 2002, when it was listed on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List, Xidi has welcomed more visitors than ever.


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