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Yixian County Attractions

  • Yixian Overview

    Yixian Overview

    Mt. Huangshan was called "Yi Shan" when Yixian County was built in Qin Dynasty in 221-207 B.C. Yixian County is one of the two oldest counties with a history of more than 2,200 years in our city. This ancient county was named after this great mountain, for it is located at the foot of Mt. Huangshan... Read more>>
  • Xidi Village - Home in Wonderland

    Xidi Village - Home in Wonderland

    In Xidi Village, 124 well-preserved dwelling houses and 3 clan temples dating back to the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. A glorious memorial archway in honor of Hu Wenguang, a native who was a prefectural governor in Ming Dynasty, stands still in front of the village. Read more>>
  • Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village is located at the foot of the southwest side of Mt. Huangshan, only 11 kilometers away from Yixian town. It is a unique, buffalo-shaped ancient village. The whole village is measured to be 30 hectares; it is bedded at Mt. Leigang, facing Nanhu Lake. Read more>>
  • Nanping Village - Clan Temple Show

    Nanping Village - Clan Temple Show

    Located 4 kilometers southwest to the town of Yixian County, Nanping village gets its name from the Nanping Mountain in the south of village which is like a protective barrier of Nanping village. This great and ancient village was built firstly during the period of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Read more>>
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