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Tang Paradise

The Tang Paradise, also known as the Da Tang Furong Garden, locates in the south part of Xi’an City, near the Wild Goose Pagoda. Themed as the imperial garden of the Tang Dynasty, the garden is the first and the largest cultural theme park in China. In addition, it is also the largest simulated Tang-style building complex in the world.


Prosperity of Tang

Tang Paradise locates in the north of the original relic site of the imperial Tang garden. It was opened to the public in 2005, after two years’ building work. In 2011, it was selected as the National 5A scenic area in China. The site covers a total area of 165 acres and about 49 acres is water. 


Tang Paradise restores the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty from different aspects including architecture, culture, entertainment, markets and arts. In order to let visitors feel the original Tang Dynasty, designers almost build everything in the garden into Tang style, such as the clothes of workers and actors, the music, the Tang-style dance, food and drink.


Display of Tang

Tang Paradise is divided into six parts: Tang Traditions and Customs District, Business Exchange District, Entertainment and Sports District, Catering District, Hotel District and Children’s Garden.  Visitors can not only taste the most authentic Xi’an foods in the garden, such as crumbled flatbread in mutton and beef stew, steamed cold noodles and marinated meat in baked bun, but also enjoy the splendid culture of Tang Dynasty in Tang Paradise.


Besides, Tang Dynasty Show, which the large-scale Tang-style singing and dancing performances and the water-screen movies, which is the largest in the world, will also make you embraced by a Tang-style fairyland and mysterious world.  


Every year during the Spring Festival, a lantern show is held in the garden. The colorful huge lanterns are made into famous images and figures. When all the lanterns are lit up in the evening, the lifelike decorations make Tang Paradise into a peaceful and pleasant town.

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