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Hot Spring Scenic Area

The Hot Spring of the Yellow Mountains of nationwide fame was discovered and tapped more than a thousand years ago. Gushing forth from the foot of Purple Cloud Peak, it has never run dry during the most severe droughts or overflowed during excessive rain. It is of a high-temperature carbonate type, with therapeutic effects for metabolic disorder, cardiovascular disease and malfunctions of digestive, nervous and motorial systems. Its clear waters remain at 42`C all the year round and can be used for drinking and bathing. Baths and swimming pools have been built around the spring.

Huangshan Hot Spring, which had ever been called as "Ling Spring", "Tang Spring", "Vermilion Spring", is celebrated for its fresh, clean and cool nature, and it can serve various purposes, such as drinking, bathing; it is a wonder of Huangshan. Huangshan Mountains is the watershed of the two main rivers, Yangtze River and Qiantang River. The special geographic position has cultivated the development of 36 big canyons, the sources of 36 branches, therefore, Huangshan is also famous for its waterfalls, and some famous ones are "Inverted V Falls (Renzi Falls)", "Hundred Feet Waterfall", and "Nine Dragons Waterfall".

Six hundred and thirty meters above the sea level, the Hot Spring has a large tourist complex, including the Yellow Mountain Guest house, Taoyuan Hotel, Xuanyuan Hotel, the Hot Spring Bath, the Hot Spring Swimming Pool, the Postal Telecommunications Building, villas and tourist shops. The scenic area straddles the Peach Blossom Brook that flows between Purple Cloud Peak and Peach Blossom Peak. Across the brook are the Purple Cloud Bridge, the Scenery Watching Bridge, the Famous Spring Bridge and the White Dragon Bridge. Scattered around are the Fish Watching Pavilion, Falls Watching Pavilion, Peach Blossom Land Pavilion, and the Falls Watching Tower. Here one can watch Hundred Feet Spring and Inverted V Falls as well as Celestial Capital Peak, Lotus Peak, Cinnabar Peak, Purple Cloud Peak and Purple Rock Peak. Going up along the brook, one will see such scenic spots as Roaring Lion Rock, Dragon Head Rock, Tiger Head Rock, the Red Well, Intoxicated Rock, Sword Testing Rock as well as Green Dragon Pool, White Dragon Pool, Three Folding Spring and Ringing String Spring.

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