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North Sea Scenic Area

The North Sea Scenic Area is just a few kilometers away from the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion in the West Sea Scenic Area.

The Beihai Hotel is located near the Lion Peak, at an altitude of 1,630 meters above sea level. In the Dawn Pavilion in front of the hotel, one may enjoy the beautiful scenery of Beginning-to-believe Peak and Goddess Peak as well as the Stalagmite Bridge that inspire imagination of various fairy scenes.

To the right of the hotel is the Flower House. In front of it is the Sunken Flower Valley with many rocks of fantastic shapes in it. Turning left from the hotel and passing the Unicorn Pine leads one onto the Refreshing Terrace and Lion Peak. Reaching out from the cliff and facing the valley in three directions, the terrace is an ideal place for watching sunrise and the sea of clouds.

Atop the Cooling Apex of Lion Peak, one can look down at the rocks on Pingding Hill that is famous for resembling a scene of a monkey watching the sea. Below Lion Peak is the Ten Thousand Pines Forest that sends out constant pine soughing.

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