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Jade Belt Shoals

Why is Jade Belt Shoals Special?

On the south bank of the exit of Wanquan River, there is the Jade Belt Shoals. It is like a long belt, divided up the Wanquan River and the South China Sea. It was enrolled as the narrowest shoal that separates river and sea by Guinness World Records.


Jade Belt Shoals Highlight

The widest part of the Jade Belt Shoals is 300 to 500 meters, while the narrowest part is only about 10 meters. The river scene inboard and the sea outboard form a gorgeous scene with the soft sand.


Pure white shoal looks like a long jade lying between the Wanquan River and the South Sea. Waves of sea pat the coast and mounts reflect on the Shamei Lake; they constitute magic beautiful scenery. You seem to be personally on the fairyland while standing on the Jade Belt Shoals.

Bo’Ao Water City Attractions

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