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  • Hongcun village in Huangshan
    Jingdezhen Porcelain Tour with Mount Sanqing & Huangshan Discovery - 6 Days Shanghai - Jingdezhen - Wuyuan - Huangshan - Shanghai This tour will let you discover two magnificent mountains in China, Mount Sanqing & Huangshan, both of which were listed as the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, you will wander around the picturesque villages in Wuyuan and learn more about ancient kiln and folk customs in Jingdezhen. Details
  • Wuyi Mountain
    Fujian Tulou & Wuyi Mountain Discovery Tour - 6 Days Xiamen - Yongding - Xiamen - Wuyishan In this 6-day tour of World Heritage Sites, you will marvel at the Tulou clusters in Nanjing and Yongding, and explore the astonishing Wuyi Mountains, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  • Wudang Mountain Taiji Tour
    Wudang Mountain Taiji Tour - 5 Days Wudang Mountain This 5-day Taiji tour will definitely give you new release from pressure and make balanced achievement between you and nature! You can learn more about Daoism, practice Taiji from masters, and feel the inner peace in historical and beautiful Wudang Mountain. Details
  • Huangshan Hiking Tour
    Mount Huangshan Hiking Tour - 5 Days Huangshan Mount Huangshan, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural & Natural Heritage, is renowned for its amazing scenery made up of many granite peaks emerging out of a sea of clouds. If you are a hiking enthusiast, it is a great chance to discover Mount Huangshan on your own feet. Details
  • Meili Snow Mountain tour
    Shangri-La & Meili Snow Mountain Adventure - 6 Days Shangri-La Shangri-La is not only a fictional place in the novel ‘Lost Horizon’ by British author James Hilton, but also a mythical paradise hidden in southwestern China. From holy Meili Snow Mountain to Tibetan Yubeng Village, from Mingyong Glacier to Fairy Waterfall, this tour will offer you unforgettable memories in each step of your journey. Details
  • Mount Taishan
    Mount Taishan & Confucius Culture Tour - 3 Days Mt.Taishan - Qufu This 3 days tour takes you to enjoy both magnificent natural landscape and precious cultural relics in world renowned Mount Taishan Scenic Area. Besides, at the home of Confucius you could know more about this great philosopher’s life and story. Details
  • Leshan Giant Buddha
    Mt. Emei & Leshan Religion Tour - Private Tour - 4 Days Chengdu - Leshan - Mt.Emeishan - Chengdu Mt. Emei is one of China's four sacred Buddhist Mountains, and Leshan features the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. By visiting these two mountains, you will not only enjoy the stunning natural beauty, but also get impressed by the profound Buddhism culture. Besides, this tour also covers the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center, which no doubt will be a unique experience to you. Details
  • Mount Wutai
    Datong & Mount Wutai Buddhist Culture Tour - Private Tour - 4 Days Datong This tour provides you a great chance to explore the mystery of Chinese Buddhist culture. The highlights of your trip are Yungang Grottoes and Mount Wutai, two UNESCO World Cultural Heritages in China. Details
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