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Chinese Cuisine

  • Wonton noodle
    Hong Kong Specialty Snacks Tour - 3 Days Hong Kong This 3-day Specialty Snacks tour offers you the chance to taste special snacks in Hong Kong, including Egg waffles, Wonton noodles, Sugar Cane Juice and Roast goose. Besides, you can deeply appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong famous landscapes also. Details
  • China Gourmet Food Tour
    China Gourmet Food Tour - 8 Days Beijing - Xi’an - Shanghai If you are looking for distinct food treats, this 8-day Gourmet Food Tour is designed for you. You could taste the most authentic delicacies in China, including Peking Duck and mutton hot pot in Beijing, dumpling banquet and various street food in Xi’an, tasty Dim Sum in Shanghai. Details
  • China Foodie tour
    China Foodie Adventure - 12 Days Beijing - Xi’an - Chengdu - Shanghai - Hong Kong With its distinguished flavor and tastes, China is definitely a culinary adventure for you. From Peking Duck to Sichuan hot pot, from various street food to tasty Hong Kong Dim Sum, this 12-day tour is stuffed with all kinds of local delicacies. Details
  • Sichuan Cuisine Museum
    Sichuan Cuisine Learning Experience - Private Tour - 1 Day Chengdu This one-day tour is one of the most characteristic tours in Chengdu, and a great fun will be gained during the process of learning Sichuan Cuisine. This experience not only can bring you to savor the real taste of spicy Sichuan cuisine, but also can bridge the gap between you and locals. Details
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