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Domestic Flights

  • Which types of identification documents shall be presented during check-in?

    Air passengers must show a passport, any necessary visas and other valid travel documents. Please be sure that these documents are carried with you and not packed in your checked baggage.

    Important note: Identification documents No., e.g., passport number and ID number must be the same as the number you offered in the booking information. Please make sure the first and last name match the name(s) as stated on the valid identification document which will be presented during check-in.

  • What is the closing time for check-in on China domestic or international flights?

    Boarding gates for China domestic flights will be closed 45 minutes before flight departure. Please ensure you arrive for check-in at least 90 minutes in advance of your flight departure. Boarding gates for International flights will be closed 1 hour before flight departure. Please ensure you arrive for check-in at least 12 hours in advance of your flight departure.

  • When should I arrive at the airport so that I will have enough time for boarding?

    Airlines usually stop checking-in 30 to 45 minutes before scheduled departure of the flights, so you need to arrive at least 90 minutes before the departure time.

  • What are the luggage rules?

    First it was the weight from 70lbs to 50lbs. Then it was the overweight and oversize charges that increased. The allowance for sports equipment diminished, and the pieces of luggage for an infant or toddler dropped too. Now some of it can certainly be attributed to the additional fuel costs, but many of these changes occurred before fuel became an issue and lots of airlines have taken the step of actually charging you to check in any luggage at all.

  • Where can I purchase flight insurance?

    Pick a reputable company. If you are booking your travel arrangements through a travel agent, you can usually purchase the insurance through that company. If you are booking your own travel arrangements or want additional insurance, pick a company based on its reputation. Sometimes the companies that offer the cheapest plans have policies that make it difficult to file and receive a claim. See the resources section below for links to two reputable flight insurance companies.

  • Why does the child ticket cost more than the adult ticket on some flights?

    Sometimes the discounts for adults are better because the special price is even less than 50%; but the children's discount is fixed. On this occasion, special deals for adult tickets will be lower than children's tickets.

  • Are seriously ill but not contagious patients allowed to fly?

    Yes, but the patients need to show written permission from a doctor when buying a ticket in order to obtain the airline's boarding approval.

  • Can children fly online on airplanes?

    According to the regulations of the Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC), children under 5 years old should be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above. Children between 5 to 12 years old are able to apply for unaccompanied service, though further documentation is required. Infants cannot fly alone.

  • Can pregnant women fly on airplanes?

    You are safe to travel by plane from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way up until the end portion of your last trimester (usually 9th month - 36 weeks) and can manage whatever kind of trip(s) you want to do as long as you and your pregnancy are healthy and the pregnancy is progressing normally. As long as everything is fine, air travel does NOT increase the risk of miscarriage or pre-term labor, and poses no other risks to you or your child.

    You need to get a check-up from your doctor to make sure that you are in fit enough health, and that the pregnancy is healthy enough to allow for you to fly. Many airlines will require a medical certificate from your doctor dated 24-72 hours before your flight once you reach your third trimester (27 weeks), so you should check on that. By the time you reach your eighth month (32 weeks) almost all airlines will require a doctor’s note.

    All airlines make up their own rules and regulations regarding pregnant women. Some do not restrict travel at all, no matter what stage of pregnancy a women is in, and others start to restrict at 7 months, although the majority restrict around 36 weeks.

    While traveling I advise you to keep your medical records, and the name and number of your doctor. You should also get the name and number of a doctor where you will be staying/visiting in case an emergency comes up.

    To keep yourself safe and comfortable on the trip, follow these simple things:

    *drink plenty of water
    *avoid caffeine
    *don't eat food that causes gas for at least one day before you travel (pressure builds up as you ascend through the altitudes and could cause pain)
    *walk around as much as you can (up and down the aisles)
    *stretch while sitting
    *wear loose fitting clothing
    *wear slip on shoes (your feet may swell)
    *wear maternity support pantyhose or socks
    *try to get an aisle seat or a front row seat for more leg room
    *eat light foods
    *eat small meals or snacks at frequent intervals rather than big heavy meals
    *do not eat salt
    *Wear your seat belt just under your abdomen (depending on how big you are, you can also ask for a seat belt extender - just be sure that that too goes under your abdomen)

  • Can I make bookings for other people?

    Yes. You can book up to 9 adult tickets at a time. However, please be aware that reserving the maximum number of tickets will limit the availability to flights to those that have at least 9 seats. For flight deals, we also cannot guarantee that all passengers in a single booking will be able to take advantage of the special discounted price, because airlines limit the number of tickets available at the low prices.

  • How can I get a receipt for my China flight reservation?

    Your paper ticket can be used as a receipt.

  • What is the ticket endorsement rule?

    Only passengers purchasing full fare tickets are allowed to transfer between airlines. Airlines involved must also agree to this transfer.

  • What is the ticket modification rule?

    Tickets cannot be modified online after being issued. Please contact CITS to change your ticket. Normally, airlines do not charge any fees for changes made within the same class. To upgrade your ticket, there is usually a price difference that must be paid.

  • Can I carry soft drinks with me on board planes?

    Passengers are allowed to carry liquid articles on planes, but there are some regulations, which must be adhered to. Hereunder are the details as announced by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) on Feb 5, 2003.

    In order to ensure flight safety of civil aircraft and protect the life and properties of passengers, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China has decided to tighten the control over carry-on liquid articles of passengers flying in civil aircrafts. It is hereby announced as follows:

    Each passenger may carry on person a few bottles per trip (the volume of each bottle should not exceed 100ML, and the total volume should not exceed 1000ML) of liquid articles such as carbonated beverage, mineral water, tea, milk, yogurt or fruit juice, and the bottles should be opened, inspected and confirmed beyond doubt before carrying onto an aircraft. Any liquids other than those listed above should be placed in checked luggage.

    Passengers should not carry on their person alcohol (bottled or canned). In those cases where the carrying of spirits is really necessary, the amount carried by each person each time should not exceed two bottles (one kilo), placed in checked luggage, and be in packaging that complies with CAAC regulations.

    Liquid articles that must be carried by a passenger on his person for special reasons, such as liquid medicine carried by a sick passenger and articles for drinking by an infant accompanied by a passenger, may be carried but must have their bottles opened, inspected and confirmed beyond doubt.

    Any passenger who violates the above regulations shall be responsible for any losses, such as a missed flight, that may occur due to the violation.