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Packing List

  • What should I pack?

    While traveling, the baggage limit is 20 kg per person on both airplanes and trains without overweight charges.

  • What clothes should I pack?

    Clothing is inexpensive and one of the best buys in China, so we do not recommend you to bring too many from home. Theoretically you need only two sets of clothes, one to wear while the other set is being laundered. It is recommended that you take with you just a couple of shirts, sweaters, and a jacket (depending on the season). These can be worn in layers to accommodate the climatic variations. Dark colored clothing is preferable because it does not show the dirt.

  • Should I bring an electric converter?

    Throughout China (including Hong Kong), 220 volt/50 cycles is used. Appliances designed to operate at 110 volts will need a converter, although some 4 & 5 star hotels are wired for use of 110-volt electrical appliances. Two-phase and three-phase sockets are commonly used in hotels. You may also need an adapter plug in order to use your electrical appliances. In case you forget it, try to ask the room service.

  • What medicines should I bring?

    We suggest that you take some travel pills or anti-nausea medicine with you to make you feel comfortable from altitude sickness. Medicines for preventing sunstroke are essentials for summer travel. Medicines for colds, diarrhea, nausea, fever and carsickness are all necessary. Some nasal ointment and throat-moistening pills will greatly be of help for those who are sensitive to dry weather conditions. If you are going to remote places, anti-mosquito spray, cream or lotion is also necessary. Please consult your doctor prior to your travel.