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How to Spot Fake CITS

  • How to Spot Fake CITS?

    During our long-term work, we have received a large number of complaints from travelers about their terrible travel experience provided by fake CITS. Here are some easy steps on how to recognize fake CITS and their products.


    Domain Name

    A lot of fraudulent websites use domain names that look similar to CITS. “CITS” can always be found in their domain names. Please check as below our official websites.

    English website: www.cits.net

    One-day tours website: www.citstour.net


    CITS B2C Websites

    English - www.chinatraveldesigner.com

    Italian - www.cinaviaggio.com

    Spanish - www.viajesenasia.com


    Contact Information

    The email address of CITS staff ends with “@cits.com.cn” and the telephone number begins with 86-10-8522XXXX or 86-10-6522XXXX. Any company offers contact information with a mobile phone number (86 + 11 digits) or private email (such as xxx@gmail, xxx@163.com, xxx@126.com, etc) is certainly a fake one.

    Besides, if a website does not have a ‘contact us’ page, or offers only an online form that to be filled out, it is a strong indicator of fraud.


    Tour Fee

    Generally, the price of CITS one-day group tour is about USD 50 – 80 per person, and USD 90 – 150 for a one-day private tour (excluding accommodation).

    Fake CITS offers much lower price or even “free-of-charge” trip. Tourists are forced to pay extra fees and spend more time in tourist shops during the trip. In some cases, tourists will even been dropped off during the way to the Great Wall if they refuse to pay more.


    Sources of information

    CITS never pass out flyers or brochures on the street, at sightseeing spots or in hotels. Please get the brochure or promotional materials from official CITS stores.


    Bank account

    For the payment, CITS accepts bank transfer or online payment via PayPal. The beneficiary of CITS’s bank account is ‘CHINA INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE LIMITED, HEAD OFFICE’, and the PayPal account is ‘paypal@cits.com.cn’.

    When you do bank transfer to the fake CITS, you will find the bank account beneficiary is an individual person or an irrelevant company.