• Are the meals shown in the itinerary pre-arranged or could we make our own orders when we sit down at the table?

    To guarantee the hygiene and quality, most of the meals are pre-arranged in the government-approved restaurants, which are all set-menu meals. You cannot make your own orders at this point.

    We also arrange a la carte meals in some restaurants, which have been inspected by the management of our company. If you have special requirements for meals, please inform us before the tour starts so we can make relevant arrangements.

  • What type of meals we are going to get during our tour in China?

    Breakfast will be arranged in the hotels you stay. Sometimes American Buffet, sometimes Chinese Buffet.

    The day meals listed in your itinerary are usually pre-arranged and fixed for the group and will consist of Chinese delicacies and a limited choice of western foods. If you like Chinese - you will enjoy! If you don't-- you can always order other meals on the menu, please note that extra cost for this extra order may apply. It should be paid by yourself before you leave the restaurant. If you don't feel the local Chinese meal is better than what you have in your country. Please don't blame the restaurant, since most of overseas Chinese restaurants are westernized.

  • What's the content of western breakfast and Chinese breakfast?

    A western breakfast will usually consist of buffet that contains - breakfast cereal, fruit, eggs, sausages, bacon and bread and toasting facilities.

    A Chinese will usually include a number of hot dishes such as noodles, vegetables and rice congee (porridge) and will probably also include fruit. A selection of steamed buns containing meat or beans will probably also be available.

    Water and Green Tea is always available and black tea bags and coffee are usually available.

  • In my itinerary, no meal is arranged (included), how can we choose restaurants while we are in China?

    You have the following choices:

    Use restaurants in the hotel.

    Government-approved restaurants for foreigners

    Travel guidebooks’ recommendation.

  • Do you provide vegetarian (including no chicken or seafood) meals?

    Yes, we do provide vegetarian meals if required. We always respect the clients' dietetic habits and try our best to cater to their needs. But we would like to explain that if you are not on a private tour, you would have to share the vegetarian dishes with other members of the group.

  • Do we eat Chinese food throughout the trip?

    Most of the meals we offered are Chinese food, but we refer to your preferences and opinions. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  • Will any drink be provided in daily meals?

    Limited bottle spring water and soft drink will be provided, if you want more, you need to pay.

  • Do we have our meals with our guides?

    Yes, the guide and the driver will dine in the same restaurant with you. But, they will not share a table with you without your invitation.

  • Do we share large tables and pre-ordered meals with other people?

    If you are individual travelers, our guide will arrange an individual table for you. If you travel with a pre-arranged group, you will share a large table with other people. Usually 6-10 people will be on one table.

    If you have some special requirements, please inform us so that arrangements could be made in advance.

  • How many famous dish systems in China? What are their characters?

    There are mainly eight dish systems in China, namely, Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine.

  • What are the suggestions for dinners that are not included in the program?

    Generally, cities all have their unique local dishes and snacks. You can consult it with your local guide and she/he will give you suggestions on what to eat and where to eat. Also you can follow the travel guidebook’s recommendation.

    You only need always remember to choose a restaurant that is dependable in terms of hygiene and quality.

  • Usually what type of meals we are going to get during our stay in Hong Kong?

    Usually we don't arrange any meal in HK. Since most of travelers would like to enjoy leisure on own during the stay in HK, besides HK has too many interesting meals to be pre-arranged, So while you wondering around, you may decide to try anything you want.