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Luo Zhongli art exhibition opens in Chongqing

Date: 2019.12.18 Author: Celia Tang

On December 13th, the Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute opens the “Luo Zhongli: The Course of Art” Exhibition to the public.


The art exhibition was the most comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Luo Zhongli, a famous artist and former dean of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. The exhibition displayed nearly 100 representative works of Luo Zhongli in different periods during his 60 years’ creative career.


The exhibition is divided into different parts including creating art in history, multidimensional starting point, exploration of painting, transcendental theme, and dialogue with art history.


Luo Zhongli recreated famous paintings of Picasso and Rousseau with embroidery, paper cutting and other Chinese elements. These works all have the strong Chinese style, which are quite different from the previous realistic style of Luo.


According to Luo Zhongli, he created most of the works in the 10 years after his retirement, and it is the golden decade of his creation career.