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Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum

Why is Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum special?

Located at Mount Mang about 10 km (6 miles) north of Luoyang City, Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum is a special museum dedicated to ancient tombs with coverage of almost 3 hectares (7.4 acres) and presents architecture of Han Dynasty style.


Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum Highlights

Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum presents distinctive displays of two different types of pavilions including typical historical tombs and Northern Wei tombs in Chinese history. The whole museum contains exhibits of aboveground and underground displays.


Aboveground Display

Above ground section of display includes pseudo-archaic architectures of Han Dynasty style made of white marbles, the Xumu Hall (the Prelude Hall in English literally), the Eastern Hall and the Western Hall. Showrooms of tomb models of primitive society, Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty are located in the Eastern Hall.

Underground Display
The architecture of underground section are placed in the order of Chinese character “ 回"  (pinyin: Hui), divided into three main parts, that is the Hall of Western Han and Eastern Han Dynasty, the Hall of Tang and Song Dynasty and the Hall of Exquisite Exhibits.

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