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Jizu Mountain in Binchuan

Why is the Jizu Mountain special?

Jizushan Mountain is located at Binchuan County and got the name for the three peaks in its front and the hill at its back which look like a foot of a chicken.The mountain is covered with dense forests and bamboo groves.

Jizu Mountain Highlights

Jizu Mountain is regarded as one of the five important Buddhist mountains in China. On the mountain, there are thousands of beautiful rocks,hundreds of roaring gullies,striking grotesque peaks, and trees.

Tianzhu Peak

Peak Tianzhu, the main peak of the mountain, is 3,240 meters above sea level. From the peak, one can watch the sunrise in the east, beautiful clouds in the south, the vast Erhal Lake in the west and Yulong Snow Mountain in the north.

Zhusheng Temple

Zhusheng Temple is situated about 10 kilometers from the entrance gate. It was listed in 1983 by the State Council among the important National Buddhist Temples in the Han area.It is an interesting experience to ride a horse from Zhusheng Temple to Huideng Nunnery.

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