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Zheng Guanxu's solo exhibition opens in Beijing

Date: 2021.08.17 Author: Celia Tang

Recently, Zheng Guanxu's solo exhibition opens at the National Art Museum of China until August 22. The exhibition is themed as “Nature is My Tour”.


The exhibition shows 70 paintings to review the 30-plus year artistic career of Zheng Guanxu, who now a doctoral advisor at the Chinese National Academy of Arts.


Zheng Guanxu’s art style inherits the academic traditions and especially the realistic style of Russian oil painting. Meanwhile he combines the compositions and outlining techniques of classical Chinese painting to fuse two cultures into his creations. Zheng's paintings show a touch of historic weight and cultural depth, and the maturity with which he utilizes a vibrant palette allows him to present the brilliance of changing light.