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Forbidden City's online store becomes hot

Date: 2014.12.15 Editor: Evelyn Shi

The online store of the Palace Museum (also known as the Forbidden City) at Taobao, China's largest online shopping website, has become hot recently.


The cultural products developed by the Palace Museum will bring in revenues of 900 million yuan (USD 145.3 million) this year, which is 200 million yuan higher than its ticket proceeds, said Shan Jixian, curator of the Palace Museum.


The store sells creative souvenirs, like beaded earphones, official hat-like umbrella, imperial sword stationery, princess mask, imperial robe T-shirt, imperial stand, case and portable charging battery for smartphones. According to the official response from the store, the ideas for these items came from designers from some famous academies of fine arts. The store is currently the exclusive online store of the Palace Museum at Taobao.