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Chongqing Yangrenjie to be relocated since March

Date: 2019.02.20 Author: Celia Tang

On the press conference of Chongqing Meixin Group and Yangrenjie Property Management Company, the decision of the relocation of Yangrenjie was announced to the public. Since March 1st, the whole of Yangrenjie will be moved to Red Wine Town, Linshi Town, Fuling District. The integral moving will start with four phases, and is to be completed before November 5th.


On the premise of safety, Yangrenjie will be relocated in batches in accordance with the requirement of government's planning and construction. All buildings in Yangrenjie, Nan’an will be moved to the new site, including ropeway passing through building, creative toilet, the “Great Wall”, small train, cruise boat, carriage, tree house, slanting building, church, colorful S-shaped road, and steamed bread.


There is a popular scenic spot called "Concentric Lock" consisted of concentric locks on the two cables of over 100 meters long respectively in Yangrenjie. Since the year of 2006, thousands of lovers have left their love symbol concentric locks here.


"Meixin Group will try its best to preserve the original memory and feelings, to move all recreational facilities and ideas to Red Wine Town. Original ideas will be handed down and new ones will be created in the Yangrenjie, Fuling,” said by the officer on the press conference.