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Apricot flowers in full blossom in Dunhuang

Date: 2020.04.08 Author: Celia Tang

Since April 5, the apricot flowers have come into full blossom at Dunhuang’s Singing Sand Dunes. The apricot blossoms cover an area of 66.7 hectares at the mountain foot of Dunhuang’s Singing Sand Dunes, making the city into the pink and red sea of flowers, which is a good destination for spring outings.


Every year in April and May, it is the time for appreciating the beauty of spring. During the apricot blossom period, various activities are held for people, such as environmentally walking tours, green cycling tours, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, photography exhibition, square dance performances, Shanxi opera performances, family kite flying. These activities fully display the unique charms of Dunhuang.


Singing Sand Dunes is the famous site in Dunhuang. Singing Sand Dunes got the fame because of the special sound made by the moving sands. The mountain's peak looks like a knife's edge. From far away, it looks like a dragon, which is a magnificent sight in the desert. In spring, it is also very special to view the beautiful and colorful natural scenery in the grand desert.