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Tianjin Culture Center

Tianjin Culture Center is considered as a symbol of Tianjin. It is composed of Tianjin Museum, art gallery, library, theater, Natural History Museum, Sunshine Park, Civic Square, Zhonghua Theater, and Science and Technology Museum. Recently a public transportation hub including metro and buses and other supporting facilities has been completed, making it easier to visit.


Why the Tianjin Culture Center is special


Tianjin Culture Center is by far the largest construction project of public cultural venue in Tianjin. It has been built upon the spirits of culture, people, and ecology.


Tianjin Culture Center highlights


Tianjin Theater faces to a lake and stairs close to the water, it offers tourists a spacious open area to relax, have some rest and sit down and chat with friends. The theater occupies an area of 100 thousand square meters and has 5 stories on the ground and one underground.


Tianjin Museum is simple, unique, and elegant. The museum’s special interior design is something it is particularly proud of. The history hall which applies unique design includes ancient time hall, modern time hall, and contemporary time hall. The history hall makes visitors a time travel. The museum covers an area of 55 thousand square meters and has 5 stories on the ground and one underground. The museum has 200 thousand collections out of 20 categories and 200 thousand books and paintings.


Tianjin Library’s design symbolizes the wisdom. It tries to indicate that library is where intangible wisdom and knowledge come to reality. Whether well experienced in life or just started getting to know the world, people will find what you need in the Library. Besides numerous book and digital book collection for people to read, the library also provides opportunities of academic communication seminar, social education, and old book’s storing and recovering. The library has total 6 million book collections and receives 5,000 to 8,000 visitors and readers every day.


Tianjin Art Gallery has a total floor area of 28 thousand square meters with 4 stories on the ground and one underground. It primarily displays modern artworks and objects. In the meantime, it also offers training and curriculums for artwork exhibition and collection. It is Tianjin’s first art museum that combines the designs of modern and contemporary styles. It is planned to keep 10,000 curios in five years and organize 50 high-end exhibitions annually.

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