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Zhongguancun Exhibition Center

Zhongguancun Exhibition Center is a comprehensive display platform demonstrating the independent innovation achievements of Zhongguancun, integrating innovative resources and enhancing the influence of science and technology innovation demonstration centre.
The exhibition brings high-tech technology and products of more than 200 enterprises in Zhongguancun together. The display contents include exhibition areas of new generation information technology, satellite communications, biological medicine, new materials, new energy, high-end equipments, future manufacturing and other exhibition areas. The exhibition hall takes advantage of the internet and set the mobile terminal navigation, providing visitors with one-stop navigation services.
Exhibition Area of 3D Printing Technology 
3D printing exhibition area displays the significant innovations in the 3D printing industry that made by Zhongguancun demonstration area in recent years. In 2011, The Third Industrial Revolution, a best-selling book written by Jeremy Rifkin, predicted that the integration of new energy and information technology will shift the production mode from the large-scale centralized production to a highly efficient energy-saving decentralized personalized production. And this significant change brought revolutionary impact on the human business model and the social division of labor. 
Exhibition Area of Integrated Circuits
Exhibition Area of Integrated Circuits shows major scientific and technological achievements that represent China's highest technological level in recent years. The so-called integrated circuit is that processing semiconductor to interconnect transistors, diodes, resistors, and other devices that needed in a circuit, integrating them on a silicon chip, and then packaging in a shell. It has been more than 50 years since IC was invented. 
Exhibition Area of Intelligent Terminal and New Display 
Intelligent Terminal and New Display is the core carrier of information products consumption and important platform of information content consumption. It’s also the major impetus of technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation. The developing intelligent terminals and new display industry in Zhongguancun initiatively breaks the technological monopoly of high-end consumption electronics products from international business, and successfully leads China's information industry transform and upgrade. 
Exhibition Area of New Generation Information Technology
Zhongguancun is the most advantage innovation source of new generation information technology, leading many other industrial transformation tides of software, Internet, mobile Internet, big data, etc. At present, Zhongguancun has initially nurtured the formation of industrial clusters such as next-generation of the Internet, mobile Internet and new-generation mobile communications, satellite applications, gathered a number of industry leaders such as Lenovo, UFIDA, Baidu, Jingdong, Xiaomi, TRS and SuperMap software. It has outstanding advantages in key aspects of the industry chains such as communication standards, mobile operating systems, information security, social media and voice recognition. 
Exhibition Area of Biology and Health
Zhongguancun is one of the most intensive areas in China for innovation resources and medical resources in biology and health field. It’s leading the fields of bio-chip, new-type vaccine and molecular breeding at home and abroad. The development of industrial clusters has achieved initial success, forming two new innovation centers in the north, with Zhongguancun Science Park and Zhongguancun Life Science Park as the core, and a high-end manufacturing center in south, with Daxing and Yizhuang Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial Base as the core. 
Exhibition Area of New Material Industry
New material is an important symbol of modern scientific and technological progress and economic development, which is not only an important component of high-tech industry, but also the foundation and support of other high-tech industries. Therefore, it is regarded as one of the most important and the most development potential high-tech fields in the 21st century. Zhongguancun, with its unique and powerful scientific and technological resources in China, plays an important role in the development of new materials technology and industry in China. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, strong innovation capability, advanced application and high-end development.
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