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Ningbo Tangyuan


Ningbo is known for the Ningbo Tangyuan. It is the small stuffed buns which are boiled to eat. The stuffing is usually ground sesame mixed with sugar. It can also be mixed with pork fat. The stuffing is wrapped with sticky rice powder. Tangyuan is the traditional food during the Lantern Festival.


Tangyuan originated from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) in Ningbo. At that time, a kind of novel delicacy was in vogue in Mingzhou, now the Ningbo City in Zhejiang province. The food with the black sesame and lard as fillings seasoned by a few sugar and balled with glutinous rice flour tastes sweet and soft. As this kind of glutinous rice balls float up and down in the pot, it is called Fu Yuanzi (as floating balls) at first.


Nian Gao


Nian Gao is made by mixing rice with glutinous rice, and the ratio between the two can be adjusted according to personal preferences. If you like to eat softer, you can increase the proportion of glutinous rice and vice versa. Cooking methods include steaming, frying, sliced frying or for soup. Ningbo Nian Gao is the most famous and common dish include pickled pork niangao soup and shepherd's purse fried niangao.


Drunken Prawns


Drunken Prawns is a famous dish in Zhejiang Province. The main materials for Drunken Prawns are fresh prawn and wine. There are several steps to make the Drunken Prawns. You need to prepare the fresh prawn first. Make then clean in the water. Then, transfer the prawns to a bowl of ice-cold water. Soak them until they are cool. Drain and set aside. Then, mix the pickle sauce, Shaoxing Wine, sesame oil, chicken stock and water to make the marinade. Mix the prawns into the marinade and chill overnight. The prawn is fresh and tastes very soft.

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