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Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs

Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs


Why are Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs special?


Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs lie under the desert that is 20 kilometers northwest to the Jiayuguan City. The tombs were constructed during the Wei and Jin Dynasties starting in 220 AD and ending in 589 AD. Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs house over 1,400 tombs that are decorated with a large number of mural paintings, therefore receiving the reputation of “the World’s Largest Underground Art Gallery.”


Mural paintings


Mural paintings at the tombs serve as an epitome of the old days in Wei and Jin Dynasties and therefore are of great research value. Those paintings depict scenes of farming, harvesting, hunting, and festivals. They also record music, dance, houses, food, witchcraft, and fairy tales of those days.


How to get the Wei & Jin Dynasty Tombs


The Tombs are 18 kilometers away from the downtown area. It takes half an hour and CNY 57 from the city center to the Tombs.


Ticket price


CNY 31 per person. Tomb guide services cost CNY 5 per person.


Open hours


Peak season (1st May – 31st October): 8:00 – 18:00

Offseason (1st November – 30th April): 9:00 – 17:30




You are recommended to wear long-sleeve clothes and smear sunscreen to avoid sunburn.


Approximate time at the destination


1 – 3 hours




Only Cave 6 and Cave 7 are open for tourism.






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