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Sun Island Scenic Area

Occupying an area of 3, 800km² upon the north bank of Songhua River, the Sun Island Scenic Area is the second largest venue of the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. It’s a recreational zone with fine gardens, landscaped miniforests, as well as a zoo for Siberian Tigers. It is Harbin’s main parkland and opens all year around.


Instead of the snow festival, there are other highlights on the island. The scenic area consists of the Sun Island and some other small islands. There are more than twenty scenic spots spotted in different parts of the island. The centre of the garden is featured by flowers and lakes. Wandering in the northwest island, you will have a good time in the Deer Garden, the Swan Lake and Squirrel Island. And in the south, an exotic Russian-style town, a gallery and a memorial garden are also worth of visiting.


From Spring to Autumn, the main highlight of the park should be the Ice Lantern Exhibition Hall. It’s a refrigerated place to preserve the ice sculptures all year around. Bike riding is also a popular recreation. It will be both relaxing and bodybuilding to observe the fine parkland and waters on a bike, feeling the breeze fondling your face. When you are tired, just find a shady place and have picnic with your friends until sun goes down.


During wintertime, when the island is gracefully covered with snow, the Sun Island is used as the playground for various winter sports. Skiing, Hockey, Ice-skating, and Sledding games are all organized here. More importantly, the renowned annual Snow Carving Festival will open to the public on the ground of Sun Island.


Exotic Russian style villages and buildings are situated in the south of the Sun Island. After visiting Sun Island, you can dine at an authentic Russian restaurant, stroll on the Russian-style streets and buy some craftworks. There is a Russian Artist Village which exhibits Russian paintings there.


Location: North Shore of Songhua River, Harbin

Admission Fee: CNY 30 for entrance. CNY 240 during Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

Opening Time: 08:00-17:00

Telephone: 0451-88192966

Website: http://www.taiyangdao.com.cn/

How to go: You could take Bus NO. 29, 80, 85, 88 and get off at Taiyangdao Park Station.

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