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Beijing Shopping Tips

Silk Market

Silk Market is Beijing's most exciting markets which sells discounted Chinese goods. It is also a great place to experience bargain culture. You could find everything At Silk Market: China souvenirs, silk and satins, fake luxury brands.

Transportation: Subway Line 1, Yong anli Station



Xidan, reputed as a “paradise for youth”, is a fashion center which attracts mainly young people who need a place for both shopping and leisure activities include watching film, having a cup of coffee etc. There are many shopping malls recouped in Xidan, like Hanguang shopping mall, Juntai shopping mall, Xidan shopping mall, Xidan book store etc. Xidan Shopping Street is located in Xicheng District.

Transportation: Subway Line 1 and Line 4, Xidan Station



Dawanglu tends to be a more luxury shopping block. There are several shopping malls where you could find nearly all kinds of luxury brands, including Xinguang Tiandi Shopping mall and close by Huamao shopping mall and Xinshijie shopping mall

Transportation: Subway Line 1, Dawanglu Station



Sanlitun block highlighted by the landmark building “Village” is the most favorable place among fashion youths. There gathered countless fashion cloth brands, cosmetics brands, and cafés. You can also find luxury brands in the southern part. Except for shopping, Sanlitun is where a perfect place to find yummy food and stylish restaurants. 

Transportation: Subway Line 10, Tuanjiehu Station


Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing is one of the most important traditional commercial districts in Beijing. Owning a long history, Wangfujing gathers a number of time-honored old shops, including Shengxifu (hats), Ruifuxiang (silk), Wangmazi (scissors), Daoxiangcun (desserts & cakes), Daiyuexuan (writing brush), Jiguge (antiques), Donglaishun (instant-boiled mutton), and so on.

Transportation: Subway Line 1, Wangfujing Station


Qianmen Street 

Qianmen Street (also called as Dashila or Dashila’er by locals) is a popular tourism attraction located at the heart of Beijing, in line of Beijing Central Axis. There situated a lot of time - honored Beijing traditional stores, including Beijing silk store, Ruifuxiang satin store, Tongrentang, Rongbaozhai, Zhangyiyuan tea store

Transportation: Subway Line 2 Qianmen Station


Panjiayuan Antique Market

Panjiayuan is one of the most renowned antique markets in China. Even some foreign visitors who are interested in antiques know well about Panjiayuan Market. Here you could see massive antiques or even get a piece of treasure if lucky enough, at least you could know about Chinese tradition and history.

Transportation: Subway Line 10, Panjiayuan Station

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