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  • Chinese Food Sculpt
    Chinese Food Sculpt, Exquisite Food Sculpture Art As an artistic form of decorating food, food sculpts mainly use cutting, chopping, digging and hollowing to create beautiful designs containing high aesthetic value as exquisite crafts. Food sculpts contain widespread content, involving painting, sculpture, modeling and decorating. The food sculpts... Read more>>
  • Chinese Fan
    Traditional Chinese Fan, an Artistic Symbol of Literati and Social Status Fan is in common use to drive away heat and stay cool during summer days. While traditional Chinese fan has a profound culture, which is closely associated with bamboo culture and Buddhism culture. China has always enjoyed the reputation of “Fan-making Kingdom”. History Chinese fan boasts a l... Read more>>
  • New Year Picture
    New Year Picture, an Art Form Designed for the Spring Festival New Year Picture, also known as “Nianhua” in Chinese, is a unique art form in Chinese folk culture. The painting is called “New Year Picture” because it is mostly posted during the Lunar New Year holiday, or the Spring Festival for decoration and it is also a symbol of New Year’s greetings. Th... Read more>>
  • Silver Works of the Miao Ethic Group
    Silver Works, Name Card of the Miao People The Miao, mainly found in today’s southwest China, is one of the major ethnic groups in the nation. Famous for their consummate craftsmanship, the Miao is especially good at making silverworks. Origin and History In ancient times, Miao people believed that the divine power which enabled them t... Read more>>
  • Xiuqiu
    Xiuqiu, Chinese Traditional Token of Love Xiuqiu, also known as silk ball or emboridery ball, is a traditional handcraft made by people of the Zhuang ethnic group in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and passed widely through generations. Xiuqiu is made of silk cloth, traditionally in three colors of red, yellow and green, and has twelve co... Read more>>
  • Root Carving
    Root Carving, a Traditional Chinese Carving Art Root carving is a traditional art form in China. It is a kind of artworks carved out of natural or distorted tree roots by means of a cutting tool through careful designing and artistic processing. Unlike other kinds of carvings, while root carving, the creator must make the best use of the origina... Read more>>
  • chinese-embroidery
    Embroidery, Elegant Chinese Arts and Crafts Chinese embroidery is a kind of traditional Chinese arts or crafts which is well-known all over the world. The basic embroidery technique is pulling colored strings with the needle to stitch previously designed patterns target="_blank" title="China">China is the earliest country in the world to dis... Read more>>
  • Guzheng
    Guzheng, Traditional Chinese Musical Instrument Guzheng, or zheng, is a plucked-string musical instrument with over 2500 years of history. As the traditional Chinese musical instruments, guzheng has beautiful sounds and retains great popularity worldwide. History The guzheng has a long and proud history, which is believed to have been invent... Read more>>
  • Ruyi
    Ruyi, According to Your Wishes Ruyi, literally "according to your wishes", is a curved decorative object that is a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore. Some experts speculate that the Ruyi came to China along with the Buddhism from ancient India in the Easte... Read more>>
  • Four Treasures of the Study
    Four Treasures of the Study Four Treasures of the Study, or Four Friends of the Study, refers to the brush, paper, inkstick and the inkstone used in Chinese calligraphic traditions. These four tools are indispensable to any traditional Chinese scholar, and they play a crucial role in the development of the calligraphic art. ... Read more>>
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