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Xinglong County Attractions

  • Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

    Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

    It really deserves the name of "Tropical Plants Encyclopedia" with more than 1200 kinds of plans growing inside. It is one of the four national eco-environment exemplary education centers and gene pools of species in China. Read more>>
  • Xinglong Hot Spring

    Xinglong Hot Spring

    The hot spring is being encircled in a pond and there are several mouths to the spring, looking just like a string of jade beads. There are many hotels located at the hot spring traveling area with the villa style as the main theme. Read more>>
  • Xinglong Overview

    Xinglong Overview

    The volcano created island spreads its 300 hot springs all over the land for health rehabilitation and pleasures. The majorities are high-temperature, large water quantity and low-mineralization springs in good quality. They are ideally located in the areas surrounded with forests, green grass, fre... Read more>>
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