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Ethnic Museum of Hainan

Why is Ethnic Museum of Hainan Special?

Built in October 1986, the Ethnic Museum of Hainan is up till now one of the biggest museums in Hainan province covering an area of more than 5000 square meters. Being an ethnic museum, it displays cultural relics, pictures, costumes, folk arts and various aspects of the minorities living in Hainan.


Ethnic Museum of Hainan Highlight

The most conspicuous display in the museum is a 4.41m high and 40 tons heavy statue made of 19 pieces of granites in the lobby. It was named the No.1 Dragon Gate of Hainan since there are two huge dragons carved in it.


There are more than 1600 cultural relics, ranging from bronze wares, stone wares and living utensils to ethnic costumes, pottery and weaving craft works.


Another character of the museum is the reproduced Village of Li Minority. It restored the appearance of the village of Li Minority before the 19th century, where you can get to know the Li customs, watch dances and shows of the Li Minority, appreciate tropical flowers and plants, taste special Li cuisine and buy some crafts work of the minorities.


All in all, the Ethnic Museum of Hainan is like a huge drawing, showing you the folk arts and customs and all aspects of life of the minorities living in Hainan.

Wuzhishan City Attractions

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