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Wuzhi Mountain

Why is Wuzhi Mountain Special?

Wuzhi Mountain is located at the center of Hainan Island. It is the highest mountain in Hainan. And it is regarded as one of the symbols of Hainan and also one of the famous mountains in China. The peaks are waving like saw-tooth and the shape is like five fingers, hence the name Wuzhi (means five fingers in Chinese).


Wuzhi Mountain Highlight

Yizhi Mountain

The mountains range from southwest to northeast, from thin to thick. The first peak, which is called Yizhi Mountain is like a huge pyramid with elevation of 1,300 meters high and the top of the peak is piercing into the sky obliquely.


Erzhi Mountain and Sanzhi Peak

The Erzhi Mountain is the highest peak of the Wuzhishan Mountain with elevation of 1,876 meters high. Between the Yizhi Mountain and Erzhi Mountain there is a "Sky Bridge" built with a natural huge stone. Since it is surrounded with cloud and mist all year round, it is called the Fairy Bridge with a lot of mythology stories. The Sanzhi Peak was the highest peak originally. Since it was cut by a portion by thunder several years ago, it became a bit lower than before.


Fourth Peak and the Fifth Peak

Besides, there are the Fourth Peak and the Fifth Peak. Although these five peaks tops are standing separately, their mountain bodies are joined together. Standing on the mountain, you can have a bird’s view of the whole South China Sea and the fishing boats in it.

Wuzhishan City Attractions

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