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Chengkan Village

First built in the early times of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), Chengkan Village survives by now and still shows its distinguished feature to the world. It is said that Chengkan is constructed according to the theory of the Eight Trigramkan in Yijing (the Book of Changes). The name of the village, Chengkan, is the two most basic elements (ying and yang) in Yijing.


The streams flowing through the village and the eight mountains around constitute a natural pattern of Eight Trigramkan. Hence Chengkan village embraces perfectly both natural and man-made patterns of Eight Trigramkan, making a marvelous wonder in China’s architectural history.


The village can be a maze owing to the anfractuosities of the streets and lanes interlaced in the village. Some buildings in other dynasties can also be found here, for example, there are over 130 ancient edifices in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.


The temple covers an area of 1/3 hectare, Baolun Hall were well designed and constructed with extreme delicacy. Through the first entrance, visitors reach "Tianjing" - a square dooryard with rooms on each side designed for enough lighting and draught. Secondly, comes a great hall, in which four vermilion posts support the timber frame. Further across a yard is the main hall - Baolun Hall.


The design of this timber frame hall is delicacy and unique. Exquisite engravings of flowers and geometric pattern on the bluestone parapets and creative colored paintings on the beams, lintels and doorframe lure many foreign visitors. The colors remain bright and fresh although throughout ages.

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