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Shexian County Attractions

  • Shexian County Overview

    Shexian County Overview

    Shexian County is located at the southern foot of Mt. Huangshan, in the upper reaches of the Xin'an River, surrounded by mountains and streams. Shexian has two nicknames: "Hometown of Archways" for the thousands of arches scattered in the county and "Hometown of Tea" for the production of high quali... Read more>>
  • Bao's Family Garden

    Bao's Family Garden

    Bao's Family Garden, originally the private garden owned by a famous businessman and official. The garden is the typical ancient botanical garden and also the Chinese private botanical garden, with is unified with the bonsai art in Hui Zhou. Read more>>
  • Chengkan Village

    Chengkan Village

    It is said that Chengkan is constructed according to the theory of the Eight Trigramkan in Yijing (the Book of Changes). The name of the village, Chengkan, is the two most basic elements (ying and yang) in Yijing. The streams flowing through the village and the eight mountains around constitute a n... Read more>>
  • Tangyue Memorial Archway Group

    Tangyue Memorial Archway Group

    It is 6.5 kilometers away from Shenxian County, one of the historical and cultural cities in China. There are 7 memorial archways winding their ways into a group, simple and elegant. 3 were built in Ming dynasty, the others were built in Qing. All of them are in order of loyalty, filial piety, moral... Read more>>
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