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Bo'Ao Overview

It is a new paradise and idle like city, lying only 1 hour 30 minutes by drive from Haikou. But for a mixture of rivers, lakes, sea, hot springs, mountains and islands, as well as a combination of forest and flora gardens, sandy beaches and jade belt shoals, exotic stones and cliffs, all natural beauties together here, it turns from a small fishing village into a well-known resort city.


Here the river and lakes engage its fresh water into the sea at meeting the South China Sea Waves, and it creates a picture that boundlessly in thunderous strikes on one side contrasting the fresh river and lakes in calm peace on the other side. The city is quiet and picturesque for nourishing passion and innovation. It is also the place for approaching a pleasure and enjoying the best feelings while golfing, surfing, literary writing and painting, cruising and fishing. Because of its highly qualified hotel and resorts, it turns to be a permanent site of Asian Forum and other annual conference here. It is necessary for people to spend a couple of days for touring around here.

Bo’Ao Water City Attractions

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