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BFA Permanent Venue

Why is BFA (Bo’Ao Forum Aisa) Permanent Venue Special?

Traveling in Bo’Ao, you cannot miss the permanent seat of Bo’Ao Forum for Asia. In the scenic area, the architectures are majestic, equipped with intellectualized conference facilities. The golf course and the charming and gentle scene make the site much more charming.


BFA Permanent Venue Highlight

BFA Permanent Venue is located on the Dongyu Island near the mouth of Wanquan River to the South China Sea which is the best-protected river mouth of the world. Each year, the political leaders, industrial and commercial giants, experts and scholars from all of the Asian countries, gather around to the research the development of Asian economy. More than 260 leaders from all over the world have ever been in Bo’Ao, to attend the BFA Annual Conference every year.


Bo’Ao is not a small fish village anymore and becomes famous in the Asia and even in the world because it is chosen as the permanent venue for Asia Forum and holds the annual conference of Asia Forum successfully. Then it was entitled such as "Top Ten Tourist Spots in Hainan", "Reference for Foreigners Attraction in Hainan" and "Model of Fantastic Scenic Spot in Hainan".

Bo’Ao Water City Attractions

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