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National Parks

  • Danxia Geological Park
    China Essence with Danxia Geological Park Discovery - 15 Days Beijing - Xi’an - Zhangye - Lanzhou - Shanghai - Wuyishan - Hangzhou - Shanghai This 15-day China tour, you will visit several must-see cities in China, including Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Furthermore, you will discover the Danxia National Geological Park and many historic heritage sites in Zhangye and Lanzhou. Afterwards, put yourself into the magnificent gorges in Wuyi Mountain, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  •  Wuyi Danxia Landforms Tours
    Mount Huangshan & Wuyi Danxia Landforms Exploration - 5 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Wuyishan - Shanghai This tour will invites you to explore two spectacular mountains in China, Mount Huangshan and Mount Wuyi. Firstly, you will be inspired by the unearthly views of Mount Huangshan and the world heritage village of Hongcun. Afterwards, put yourself into the magnificent gorges in Wuyi Mountain, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  • Zhangye Danxia Landform
    Xi’an Highlights & Zhangye Danxia Landform Discovery - 5 Days Xi’an - Zhangye - Xi’an This 5-day Xi’an & Zhangye tour invites you to appreciate the grandness of Terracotta Warriors, one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in the world. You will also wonder the power of nature when you explore the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park. Details
  • Ganden Songzanlin Monastery
    Lijiang & Shangri-La Wonderland Tour - 5 Days Lijiang - Shangri-La This Lijiang & Shangri-La tour will bring you into a wonderland of breathtaking landscape. In 5 days, you will visit Old Town of Lijiang, crystal Black Dragon Pool, majestic Tiger Leaping Gorge, Ganden Songzanlin Monastery and stunning Pudacuo Scenic Area etc. Details
  • Yuanjiajie
    Zhangjiajie Highlights Tour - 4 Days Zhangjiajie This 4 days tour takes you to experience both beautiful natural landscape and magic karst cave in world renowned Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. At Mount Tianzi Scenic Area, a cable car can take you up to sightseeing terrace for sky-high paths overlooking the range - shooting location of “Avatar”. Besides, the thrilling glass-bottomed bridge over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon will not fail to impress you. Details
  • Yardang Landform
    Dunhuang Yardang Landform Tour - 3 Days Dunhuang Take this Dunhuang Wonders tour to admire the ancient Great Wall and the stunning Yardang landform. In three days, you may get impressed by the breathtaking desert view as well as the traditional Silk Road culture. Details
  • Jiuzhai Valley
    Chengdu & Jiuzhaigou Valley Splendid Tour - Private Tour - 5 Days Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu This tour highlights the splendid Jiuzhaigou Valley, a great masterpiece of nature combing blue lakes, waterfalls, verdant forests and snow-capped mountains. Besides, this tour also covers the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center, which makes the journey a unique and memorable experience. Details
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