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CITS is proud of being the first Chinese company to offer Camper Tours to China. You take your drive, and we take care of the rest: your tour plan, documents, tour guides, translations and more. By driving your own van to China, you can set your pace and travel to places where normal tourist never dreamed of. Accompanied by an experienced CITS tour guide who will do all the hard work, you have nothing to do but enjoy your trip

  • China Ancient Capitals Camper Tour
    China Ancient Capitals Camper Tour - 23 Days Beijing - Datong - Xi’an - Luoyang - Kaifeng - Nanjing - Hangzhou - Shanghai In the history of China, there have been more than 40 big and small dynasties. In the change of dynasties, the new one would destroy everything of the old one’s including palaces and cities and built new capitals. Among all the capitals, four of them are particularly influential, namely Beijing, Xi’an, Luoyang, and Kaifeng. Drive your campervan and visit the ancient capitals in China, to know China’s past and present thoroughly. Meanwhile, you can luxuriate in the beauties of China. Details
  • China Ancient City Camper Tour
    China Ancient City Camper Tour - 9 Days Beijing - Pingyao - Datong - Beijing During this China Ancient City Camper Tour, you may drive the campervan and admire the beauty of Taihang Mountains and the glamour of ancient cities. Place yourself in the midst of nature and cultural heritages, you will get physical and mental relaxation, as well as spiritual sublimation. Details
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