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Bullet Train Tour

  •  Wuyi Danxia Landforms Tours
    Mount Huangshan & Wuyi Danxia Landforms Exploration - 5 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Wuyishan - Shanghai This tour will invites you to explore two spectacular mountains in China, Mount Huangshan and Mount Wuyi. Firstly, you will be inspired by the unearthly views of Mount Huangshan and the world heritage village of Hongcun. Afterwards, put yourself into the magnificent gorges in Wuyi Mountain, one of the most famous Danxia Landforms in China. Details
  • Mount Huangshan tour
    Shanghai, Mount Huangshan & Hangzhou Discovery Tour - 4 Days Shanghai - Huangshan - Hangzhou This 4-day discovery tour invites you to experience the most attractive and modern city of China - Shanghai. You could also appreciate the breath-taking scenery in the Mount Huangshan, which is one of the top mountains in China. Enjoy a whole day exploration in Hangzhou, which is regarded as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Details
  • Wuzhen
    Suzhou, Hangzhou & Wuzhen Water Town - Private Tour - 4 Days Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Wuzhen - Shanghai This pleasant tour best selects Suzhou and Hangzhou - the most beautiful cities in China. Besides you will visit and spend a wonderful night in Wuzhen - a typical Chinese water town. Cruising along the river or stepping into ancient residential houses and local stores, you will get impressed by its tranquil and relaxing style. Details
  • Slender West Lake
    Suzhou, Hangzhou & Yangzhou Classic Tour - Private Tour - 6 Days Shanghai - Nanjing - Yangzhou - Zhenjiang - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai This tour fulfills your dream to visit the most beautiful cites in China – Suzhou, Hangzhou and Yangzhou. The classical Chinese gardens and the beautiful lakes will not fail to impress you. In 6 days, you will also visit the ancient capital city Nanjing and historical Zhenjiang. Details
  • Mount Huangshan
    Shanghai & Mount Huangshan Exploration Tour - Private Tour - 5 Days Shanghai - Mt Huangshan - Shanghai This tour starts from Shanghai, the famous charming metropolis in China. Then you will explore Mount Huangshan - the “Number One Mountain under Heaven”. Besides, you also have the chance to walk into the local village near Mount Huangshan and gain a full glimpse of renowned the Hui architectural culture. Details
  • Bund in Shanghai
    Shanghai, Hangzhou & Suzhou Classic Tour - Private Tour - 6 Days Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai This well designed tour covers three characteristic cities in China – Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. In six days, you will firstly enjoy the vibrant and fashionable city of Shanghai. Moreover, the lovely West Lake in Hangzhou and delicate Chinese gardens in Suzhou will not fail to impress you. Details
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