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  • Nanjing Tour
    Nanjing Capital Tour - 1 Day Nanjing Nanjing, an ancient capital city lying on the stretches of the Yangtze River, boasts rich and impressive historical heritages. This one-day city tour features imperial mausoleum, the well-preserved city gate and the Confucius Temple. You will be deeply impressed by the marvelous Chinese ancient architectures in Nanjing. Details
  • Confucius Temple Nanjing
    Nanjing Historic Tour - 2 Days Nanjing In this 2-day tour, you will explore the most famous attractions in Nanjing. All historic sites will show you its former glory as the ancient capital city under the Ming Dynasty and then as the capital of the Republic of China in the early 20th Century. Details
  • Slender West Lake
    Suzhou, Hangzhou & Yangzhou Classic Tour - Private Tour - 6 Days Shanghai - Nanjing - Yangzhou - Zhenjiang - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Shanghai This tour fulfills your dream to visit the most beautiful cites in China – Suzhou, Hangzhou and Yangzhou. The classical Chinese gardens and the beautiful lakes will not fail to impress you. In 6 days, you will also visit the ancient capital city Nanjing and historical Zhenjiang. Details
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