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Kunming & Dali Tours

  • 2023 Summer Camp in Dali - Architecture + Design Thinking
    2023 Summer Camp in Dali - Architecture + Design Thinking - 11 Days Dali Not only take students out of school, but also take school out of students. The goal of this education programming is to give students real-world experience. Through project-based learning, students are encouraged to solve complex problems they identity within the community, and to become aware of the importance of tenacity, modesty, and critical thinking. They are also encouraged to continue to apply these skills in their future careers in order to easily adapt to our changing world. Details
  • Kunming Highlights Tour
    Kunming & Dali Scenic Tour Kunming - Dali This 5-days tour features most popular attractions in Kunming and Dali. You will not only explore the amazing landscape in Kunming, but also visit the best-preserved traditional Bai architecture and heritage sites in Dali. Details
  • Kunming Highlights Tour
    Kunming Highlights Tour Kunming Kunming is the political, cultural, and economic center of Yunnan Province, also known as the City of Eternal Spring. This 3-day tour will show you the natural beauty and ethnic culture of Kunming. Follow your guide to explore this gorgeous and historical city! Details
  • Jade-Dragon-Snow-Mountain
    Kunming & Lijiang Essence Tour - 5 Days Kunming - Lijiang During this 5-day tour, you will visit Kunming and Lijiang, two popular destinations in Yunnan Province. Many renowned scenic spots and cultural heritages are covered in this tour, including the Stone Forest, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Old Town of Lijiang etc. Details
  • Three Pagodas
    Dali & Lijiang Ethnic Discovery Tour - 4 Days Dali - Lijiang As the residence of Bai and Naxi ethnic groups, Dali and Lijiang highlight the ancient towns full of local history and culture. Besides, many scenic sites and attractions can be found in here, including the Erhai Lake, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Details
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