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2023 Summer Camp in Dali - Architecture + Design Thinking - 11Days
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2023 Summer Camp in Dali - Architecture + Design Thinking

2023 Summer Camp in Dali - Architecture + Design Thinking - 11 Days

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Not only take students out of school, but also take school out of students. The goal of this education programming is to give students real-world experience. Through project-based learning, students are encouraged to solve complex problems they identity within the community, and to become aware of the importance of tenacity, modesty, and critical thinking. They are also encouraged to continue to apply these skills in their future careers in order to easily adapt to our changing world.

Xizhou, Dali

Xizhou has been historically important as a trading post along the Tea Horse Road, it was once home to a landing strip and radio station for the Flying Tigers during WWII, has been home to notable rulers and governors of local polities past and present, and has gained notoriety in modernity for its high concentration of preserved and restored traditional Bai architecture and protected heritage sites.



Camp Theme

Nature, Architecture, Design Thinking


Course Characteristics

  • Innovative teaching methods extending from the observation of nature and everyday life;
  • Deeply explores the relationship between architecture, nature, and the community;
  • Inspires imagination, creativity, practical abilities, teamwork, and an awareness of social responsibility among students;
  • Architectural works made by students are displayed within the local community.


Theme: Architecture Design

Date: Jul.4 - Jul.14, 2023 (11 Days)

Ages: 12-18 (If children of other ages are interested, please contact us directly)

Location: Xizhou, Dali

Capacity: 15

Program Costs: 19,800 RMB per person (Includes tuition fees, course materials, room & board; Does Not Include: transportation to and from camp)


Program Instructors



Mengxi Wu (China)

University of California, Berkeley

Master of Architecture at the School of Environment Design

NASA Ames Biosciences Laboratory Construction Design


Mengxi Wu is trained in architecture, design and landscape architecture. She has a particular interest in renovation and regeneration of existing spaces. Her works focus on exploring spatial typology, materiality, and the structural relationships of existing spaces in a variety of contexts such as urban environments, interiors, and landscapes.


Mengxi has also worked on many projects including: construction of Sacramento Kings stadium, interior design of De Rotterdam Towers Complex in the Netherlands, renovation of the Prada Foundation Museum in Milano, design and construction of Belmont Residential House in Switzerland, the construction of the Museum of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, and the interior design of CCTV Tower in Beijing.


Jinming Feng (China)

Central Academy of Fine Arts – Bachelor of Architecture

Southern California Institute of Architecture – Master of Architecture

Shanghai Gleneagles Hospital – 2015 WAN Future Projects Medical Building First Place – Chief Architect

Wuhan University – Lecturer


Jin Ming participated in the planning and design of projects that include: Jeddah City Light Rail Transport System in Saudi Arabia, Fresno High-Speed Railway Station in California, Hanjie Wanda Plaza Project, Shekou School Landscape Design in Shenzhen, Shanghai Caojiadu SOHO, Dongjin High Speed Railway Station in Xiangyang. Published works include “Recursive” Design Study and Experience” and “Forster Wuhan Vision,” etc.


Education Site and Dorm-Style Living

  • A traditional Bai ethnic minority architecture situated in the heart of Xizhou village
  • 8 guest rooms with an area of 25 to 40㎡and a capacity of 2-4 people each
  • Public area: dining hall, functional classroom, library, entertainment room, TV room and open courtyard

Day 1 Arrive in Dali - Jul 4

Pick up from airport/rail station and transfer to the education site transfer in Xizhou.

Day 2 Opening Ceremony, Materials & Fieldtrip - Jul 5

Morning:Opening Ceremony

Tour of Campsite

Lecture 0: Introduction to Apps and Tools

Lecture 1: Get to Know the Materials

--What is the origin of form?

--What is the relationship between forms and materials?

--How to record and express forms?

Afternoon: Field Research in Xizhou

Day 3 Analytical Expressions - Jul 6

Morning: Lecture 2: Analysis of Observations

--How to transform from object to phenomenon?

--How to analytically express forms?

--How to move from deconstruction to construction?

Afternoon:Visit the studio of contemporary artist

Night:Presentation 1 - Analyze observations


Day 4 Graphic Design - Jul 7

Morning: Lecture 3: Two-dimensional Creation

How to transform from  concreteness  to abstractness ?

Discussion: Observe- Explore- Recreate

--What did I observe?

--What forms have I explored?

--How do I recreate these forms?

Afternoon:Experts analyze the classic  Suzhou gardens

Night: Practice - Graphic Design


Day 5 Review and Discuss - Jul 8

Morning: Practice-Model Making

Afternoon: Discussion

--What forms have I created?

--How did my form originate?

Discovery: Gift from Xi’zhou

Make a gift from Xi’zhou by your own

Day 6 3D Modeling - Jul 9

Morning: Presentation 2 - Graphic Design

Lecture 4: 3D Modeling

How to transform from 2D to 3D?

Night: Practice - Model Making


Day 7 Magnify Model - From Form to Build - Jul 10

Morning: Practice - Model Making

Afternoon: Lecture 5

--How to transfer from Form to Build?

--How to make my own portfolio?

Practice-Make bigger, more challenging models, learn to make my own portfolio

Night: Presentation 3 -3D Model Presentation


Day 8 Form•Build•Material - Jul 11


Discussion - Form·Build·Material

--What is the conflict between Form and Build?

--How to solve the conflict?


Practice - Advance and Recreate  Determine the construction project

Activity - Into the fields and nature

Day 9 Build Substance Art Facility - Jul 12

All Day: Collaborative Working


Day 10 Visit Linden Centre Shaxi - Jul 13

Opening Education:

--Collaborative Working

--Visit Linden Centre Shaxi


Day 11 Inauguration Ceremony & Closing Party - Jul 14

Morning: Collaborative Working

Afternoon: Inauguration Ceremony Closing Party


Remarks: the itinerary is subject to change according to actual situation.

Tour Includes :

--tuition fees

--course materials

--room & board


Tour Excludes :

--transportation to and from camp


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