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Wudalianchi Offers Free Entry until March 2018

Date: 2017.11.03 Author: Jacqueline Li

Situated in Heihe City, Helongjiang Province, the Wudalianchi Scenic Area, a National 5A Scenic Area, started to offer free entry on 1 Nov. The free-of-charge entry policy will last until 31 Mar 2018.


There are 14 volcanoes and 5 grand lakes in this nature reserve. The most recent eruption took place in 1720 which formed the 5 interconnected lakes and gave the area its name. The Chinese meaning of Wudalianchi literarily means “5 joint ponds”. Covering an area about 720km², Wudalianchi is worthy of spending days to explore.


The area is regarded as a "Natural Volcano Museum" and a "Living Textbook on Volcanoes". A series of volcanic eruptions gifted the area the most mesmerizing scenery in NE China. It is a must-go destination for travelers who visit Heilongjiang Province.


However, people usually visit Wudalianchi in summers and autumns. The free entry aims to attract travelers around the world to see its winter scenery, the local authorities said. The scenic area prepares to welcome more tourists to experience the magnificence of the area.